Here we give you the knowhow to make your project a success!

Look at pools which may be similar to yours. Ask yourself, would you support this pool and what do you like and dislike about it?

2 Keep your message CLEAR
The user needs to be able to understand your project idea quickly. Keep it short and use simple words.

3 Capture their attention with a VIDEO
In a small film, you can connect with your audience. Videos are more entertaining than a long text. They convey feelings and give more of an impression of what your project is about.

4 Choose the RIGHT IMAGE
The first thing seen in the list of all offers users of your project, the cover image. Make sure it is the right picture to convey your message and an image that will draw in an audience.

A successful crowdfunding campaign always begins with the most loyal supporters – your family, your friends and your Facebook fans. Promote! Promote promote!

The first days of your campaign are critical for success. Post your project on Facebook, Twitter, and on your or friends blogs. If you have Press Contacts now is the time to send an Email! Using social networks can spread the word of your campaign incredibly fast and you will gain a lot more support.

The more personal you are regarding the project, the more likely the audience will warm to your idea. Keep them up-to-date with how your campaign is going!

And there you have it!

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Crowdfunding is making it easier for charities and organisations to fundraise for life saving projects.

Today you can not only fund a retirement present or a day out for one of your friends, you can also save a persons life and improve their future.

For example, last month two Norwegian students managed to raise £20,000 to fund life-saving surgery for a little 18-month girl, Roona who lives in India.

Roona had been diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a condition which causes swelling of the brain and without medical help she was given months to live.
Students Natalie Krantz and Jonas Borchgrevink were introduced to her condition after a photographer who visited India took pictures of the child, because her head had stretched so far, it pulled her eyelids over her eyes, making it impossible for Roona to see.

The two students were so moved that they put a photo of her on a crowdfunding site hoping to raise the $1,600 dollars needed for life saving treatment, through crowdfunding they managed to raise more than $60,000 which not only paid for her treatment but also to pay for her aftercare.

Although Roona’s head is now down to a circumference of 58 centimetres it is still larger than the average 38 to 48 centimetres, but small enough to allow her to live a reasonably normal life.

Watch Roona’s story below:

Maybe you could end up saving a life using Crowdfunding?

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Check out this TedX video where Victoria Westcott talks about how crowdfunding is changing the way that we create, produce and distribute our creative work.

Throughout this talk Victoria focuses on five tips that she owes to her success:

1. Make it awesome.
2. Don’t launch until your ready.
3. Sell directly to your audience.
4. Know who your audience is.
5. Don’t ask for charity.



Victoria Westcott is a teacher turned entrepreneur and movie producer.

She is the co-owner of Elgin Road Productions Ltd and crowdfunded the money for her first feature film ‘Locked In a Garage Band’.
She has since gone on to hold crowdfunding workshops in Canada and the USA.

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Are you a musician or in a band and can’t afford to pay for your album to be recorded or to go on tour? If your answer is yes to both or one of these, then why not turn to Crowdsharing sites like friendfund that can help you become a success.

Meet Amanda Palmer. Amanda is not someone who is scared of speaking her mind. She is the feminist poster girl of music and a very talented one at that. Her talents also include being a lyricist and comedian. Amanda originally performed in the band The Dresden Dolls and has been going solo since 2008.


Upset by her record company Roadrunner Records and their excision of bare stomach shots from her music video because she looked “too fat”.  Amanda broke off the record deal and decided to raise the funds for her new album as well as an art book and tour herself.

To do this she turned to Crowdfunding.

Amanda came up with some creative ways of making people want to pledge money to her cause. These included signed copies of her album and art book sent to fans and performances at house parties.

After the 31 day timeframe she managed to raise a massive $1.2 million. Have a look at the her pool here. Although Amanda may be quite a popular artist, don’t let this put you off.

The band Yesterday Shop from Leipzig financed their debut album through Crowdfunding and managed to raise €4,425. After the release of the new album the website Music Express, named them Newcomers of the Year 2013!

Remember try to be creative when persuading people to pledge to your cause. Imagination is key and with that you could be able to share your music with people all around the world!

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